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Administrations and legislatures come and go. No matter what the political climate, Capitol Strategies Group is ready with a unique on-staff team of bipartisan personnel who have a thorough knowledge of the lawmaking process in California, as well as the people who make that law.

Capitol Strategies Group secures and strengthens relationships between the private sector and government. We draw on our unique mix of experience in politics, private industry, government and professional associations to steer legislation and mobilize business and political communities to create opportunities for a diverse clientele.

Anywhere, in any time zone, Capitol Strategies Group is a partner in The Advocacy Group, a global consortium of private governmental relations firms. The Advocacy Group complements our abilities to represent you by providing expert policy and political contacts in every state and 14 foreign countries. Wherever you need representation or political guidance, we can help.

Capitol Strategies Group will read and analyze every bill introduced as the 2015-16 Legislative Session resumes and continues. Over the last two-year session, more than 4,000 legislative measures were proposed with a similar number of amendments made during the process. Each will be reviewed to determine if any are not in the interest of our Clients. If a bill falls into that category, we will use our resources to defeat or successfully amend the proposal to the satisfaction of the Client.

Over the past thirty years Capitol Strategies Group has experience in both sponsoring and defeating legislation with many of their clients.

Without a level of consistent representation, some Clients will run the risks having to play catch-up if a negative legislative proposal is introduced and moves, or some negative action is taken during the budget process. Legislators need to be aware of your issues so they can react to your benefit if and when they occur. Capitol Strategies Group firmly believes that playing catch-up in a crisis situation is neither economic to the client or, generally, in the end productive.





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